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Dental Unit

Dental Unit Dental Unit

Product name:Dental Unit



    The chair is imported from KAVO which is typical style in Europe, ever-green and long-standing in market for many years. 
    Meanwhile, equipped with the unique floor-type side box developed by us, this series show its top and distinctness.  
   Furethermore, the side box is characterized by remote controller and freely lifted up and down, stretched forward and backward so as to adjust the height according to patients' height. let patients fully enjoy the high-quality treatment. 
   The instrument tray is luxurious and large and the beautiful lamp. 
   The seatrest which is designed based on human body feature is large and comfortable for patients. 
   Chose it, patients can enjoy the five-star treatment service.

Standard accessory:

KAVO Unik original chair + automatically controlled side unit 1set
Original kavo chair motor 1pc
Original Kavo foot pedal 1pc
Electricity control system 1set
Central suction system (Without Vacuum pump) 1set
Low mounted large instrument tray 1set
Handpiece tube 3pcs
Turnable ceramic cuspidor 1set
Three way syringe(1for hot ,1for cold) 2pcs
Automatic heating water supply 1set
LED operation light 1set
Monitor arm 1pc
The built-in water purified system 2sets
LED X-Film Viewer 1set
Dentist stool 2sets
Memory program system (need to change original kavo pedal)
Water and saliva ejection suction system
Monitor and camera
Dental handpiece (import or made in China)
Built-in or out scaler (import or made in China)
Built-in or out curing light (import or made in China)
Dental air compressor without oil (20L, 30L, 75L......)
Dental air compressor with air dryer
Medical suction machine
Six way syringe (Italy import)
Technical parameters :
(1)   Power supply: AC230V,50/60HZ 
(2)   Input power: 1100VA
(3)   Fuse specification: 51F  F6.3AH250V ,5.2*20mm
(4)   Operation light: AC12V/50VA   
(5)   X-film viewer: AC12V/4VA .AC230V/7VA      
(6)   Water supply thermostat: AC24V/400VA,Maximum temperature :40±5℃.
(7)   Motor: DC24V/3.8A               
(8)   The burden weight on the operating plate: 1.5KG      
(9)   Size of the Chair: 180 X 100 X 200cm
(10)  Size of the package: 160 X 115 X 131 cm
(11)  N/W: 320KG  
layout : 

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