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Dental Unit

Dental Unit

Product name:Dental Unit




A8000-IIE is a combination of normal chair and cartoon characterized side unit, such as smiling apple image side box, wavy arm, cartoon displayer, fish-shaped instrument tray, the most important, the perfect mixed color, so that it not only fits for adult, but also kids.

Compared with normal adult dental unit, it is quite special, colorful, let patients back to kids’age. Compared with dinosaur dental unit, it is simple, but own lovely cartoon image too, while price is more competitive.
Put it in your clinic, you own a practical dental unit for adult and kids. 

standard accessory:


Good chair 1pc
Water and saliva ejection suction system 1set
Fish-shaped instrument tray connecting with arm 1set
Fish-shaped assitant tray 1set
smiling apple image cuspidor 1set
High speed handpiece hose 2pcs
Low speed handpiece hose 1pc
Flower-shaped operation ligh 1pc
A pad for cartoons display 1set
Three way syringe 2pcs
Automatic heating water supply 1set
Purified water supply 1set
Big X-film viewer 1set
Multifunctional foot pedal 1pc
Dentist stool 2sets
Central suction system
Air control system (the main tray will be low mounted type)
LED lamp
Dental handpiece (import or made in China)
Built-in or out scaler (import or made in China)
Built-in or out curing light (import or made in China)
Dental air compressor without oil (20L, 30L, 75L......)
Dental air compressor with air dryer      Six way syringe (Italy import)
Technical parameters :
(1)   Power supply: AC220V/50Hz
(2)   Input power: 750VA
(3)   Fuse specification: general net source: FRI-20∮5X20  6A
(4)   Cold light: AC12V/50VA   AC10V/50VA
(5)   X-film viewer: AC  V/4VA
(6)   Water supply thermostat: AC220V/400VA
(7)   DC Motor: DC24V/≤3.8A               
(8)   The burden weight on the instrument tray: 1.5KG      
(9)   Intermittent working system: used for 1 minute with intermittent time of 15 minutes.
(10)  Size of the Chair: 175X 85X 180 cm
(11)  Size of the package: 160 X112X130 cm (12)  N/W: 260KG  
layout : 


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